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Experience Polo for the Day

Spain can offer you so many different experiences and ranges of activities but for the ultimate in unique experiences you can now partake in a Polo Experience Day brought to you by Forte Travel Polo 

Don’t worry if you haven’t played it before as you can now have an Introduction to Polo session which is suitable for beginner or advanced riders including riding and swing techniques all in the heart of the Spanish countryside

Your day will consist of the following:

9.30am Arrive and kit up

10 am Polo riding lesson

11.30am Foot mallet practice, technique and timing

12 noon Picnic lunch with soft drinks, Professional coaches will join you over lunch to talk about the game and techniques.

2 pm Wooden horse swing practice including swing techniques, tactics of the game and ride offs

4 pm Stick and ball – on the ponies going for goal

5 pm Beer and wine at the clubhouse with the members

The whole day is suitable for all of those aged over 8 with your pony being selected based on your riding experience, a great day for the whole family with couples and family discounts available

polo experience day