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We introduce you to the fabulous world of polo with retreats, mini breaks, weddings and polo school through

learning, fun and travel with the thrill of polo - from beginner to advanced.

Mexico polo
Polo Travel
Polo Dinner
India Polo

When the grass season has finished, come and join us for some fun, friendly polo trips around the world

We only travel as small groups with bespoke polo packages where partners and families are welcome to join (nannies can be provided)

As part of one of our groups you will be instantly welcomed by our clubs around the world and always have your mentor alongside

We stay in nearby villas or boutique hotels to ensure that our guests get a good mix of polo and holiday time, with private drivers and organised non polo  activities if you wish to join

Its your polo holiday - you decide

By filling all 4 players spaces on one trip we will culminate our week with our own Forte Travel Polo Tournament - a great way to end the week with your new polo friends