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We introduce you to the fabulous world of polo with retreats, mini breaks, weddings and school through learning, fun and travel with the thrill of polo - from beginner to advanced

What better way to celebrate your pre wedding party than with a polo weekend?

Aside from the exhilerating fun of polo we organise the best of the best for you and your friends

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7 day Polo retreats on the stunning island of Ibiza on an all inclusive basis, culminating in a tounament

Each retreat is designed at beginner or improver level

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Whether you want to get married on horseback with a stick guard of honour or just host your nuptials with a polo tournament- we have the perfect setting for a wedding with a difference

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Polo in Ibiza

We offer many ways to enjoy the beautiful island of Ibiza and learn to play polo.

Even if you have never ridden a horse before or never played polo before - we teach you all the skills you need to join a friendly chukka in an idyllic setting

Tournaments run throughout the year, email us if you are interested in joining as a player

Fun and friendships guaranteed

About Us

Jacqui Forte is the creator of Forte Travel Polo, a lifelong rider and teacher of natural horsemanship and horse riding, she came to polo in 2015 after finding the amazing club in Ibiza, Spain. After just 2 lessons Jacqui was hooked and became a member of Ibiza Polo Club, taking lessons and playing tournaments. Already having a travel company and being well used to building itineraries for luxury, worldwide destinations - Jacqui soon saw where her expertise could meet her passion for her hobby and Forte Travel Polo was born